BC540ER Portable Bar-code Reader

The BC540ER is a portable barcode reader for use in tracking emergency response teams.  Anywhere you need to track people entering and leaving an area where a PC or lap-top is not available - major crime scenes, disaster areas, meetings, anywhere accountability is essential.

ERT personnel are scanned IN and OUT of the emergency area using pre-issued ID cards.  All scans are stored in non-volatile memory with a time stamp for later download to a computer. Each scan can be tagged as either IN or OUT and these scans are sorted by the reader to create a list of workers who are currently still in the emergency area.  This list can be viewed and checked directly on the reader without requiring a computer.

For workers who do not have a compatible ID card (for instance, members of other crews called to the site) the BC500ER can scan the bar-code on their drivers’ license as temporary ID.  Every scan can be confirmed via the graphic display, viewable day or night.  The BC540ER is small, unobtrusive and easy to use - let it track your personnel so you can concentrate on other things.The BC540ER comes complete with rechargeable battery, USB cable, software.

Download datasheet:
http://www.daviesenterprises.com/documents/BC500ER Page1-2.pdf

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