Datacard 150i

On-site issuance of financial cards -- in a fast, single-pass operation

Now you can put high-quality credit, debit and ATM cards in your customers' hands instantly -- with the Datacard® 150i card personalization system.

This affordable, compact system is ideal for banks, savings and loans, credit unions, retailers and other organizations that want to improve customer service.

Lower issuance costs and greater customer satisfaction

Issuing ready-to-use financial cards on-the-spot eliminates the expense and risks associated with personalized mailing. Customers receive their cards -- and can begin using your services -- immediately.

Promote immediate use of your products and services

With instantly issued cards, you have the opportunity to discuss credit, debit or ATM programs with customers immediately. You can explain benefits right then and there, as well as answer any questions. So customers not only feel more comfortable -- they can access your products and services more confidently.

Security features deter theft and fraud

The Datacard 150i offers several unique security functions. For physical security, a user's application may define a password which can unlock the chassis cover. All entries can be recorded on the audit trail to protect your card stock.

The 150i also is programmed to recognize financial card formats. A password is required from the host to enable quick and easy production of financial cards.

Magnetic stripe and smart card capabilities

Because the world is progressing from magnetic stripes to smart card technology, the Datacard 150i offers both. It includes standard magnetic stripe encoding capabilities as well as optional smart card personalization capabilities. This dual approach will help smooth the transition to smart card technology.

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