ID Works Software Standard Edition

Product Summary

Datacard® ID Works® Standard identification software offers more features for flexible and secure design and production for your ID program. You can quickly and easily design cards, reports, and production forms, enter and retrieve data and connect to a variety of image capture devices and industry-leading card printers. ID Works Standard software delivers everything you need to move your card program, including smart cards, to a higher level. All features included in ID Works Standard Designer software and the ID Works Standard Production software, are available in ID Works Standard Edition software.

Datacard® ID Works® Standard Designer identification software lets you design cards and reports, creating projects independent from the card production process, with the flexibility to design cards from one software application and produce them from another. You can increase security and reduce costs per workstation by allowing employees not involved in identification enrollment or production to design cards and reports.

Datacard® ID Works® Standard Production identification software lets you produce photo IDs completely independent from card design. You can enter and retrieve data, quickly capture images with a "hands-free," software-controlled camera, securely connect to ODBC databases and send data for encoding magnetic stripes and smart cards. It is a powerful, stand-alone production platform.

Datacard® ID Works® Standard Reporting provides users with the ability to design, query, and print reports. Sample reports are provided for corporate, government, healthcare, loyalty and education vertical markets. Reports are generated from ID Works databases allowing you greater flexibility and variety for designing image or text-only reports.




  • Version 4.1 available in English, French, German, Japanese or Spanish
  • ID Works Standard Edition Software. Full design, production and reporting package.
  • Capture photos, signatures, fingerprint images and other identity information
  • Data entry and retrieval
  • Multiple security levels in ID Works Software Administrator
  • Prepare photo IDs and reports for printing
  • Design production forms
  • Create card and report designs
  • Create databases
  • Create connection to ODBC databases
  • Supports multiple capture devices including TWAIN interface and Video for Windows
  • ID Works Standard Edition, Designer and Production Software. Available as stand-alone module.
  • Search and retrieve personal data
  • Print cards and reports
  • Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding




  • Microsoft® Windows®-based operating system
    • Windows® 98
    • Windows NT®
    • Windows® 2000 Professional
    • Windows® Me
    • Windows® XP
  • Datacard supported ODBC-compliant databases:
    • Oracle8i™ and Oracle9i™
    • Microsoft® Access 2002 and 2000
    • Microsoft® SQL Server 7.0 and 2000
    • Unify® Dataserver® 6.0
    • Microsoft® Visual FoxPro® 6.0
    • IBM® DB2® Universal Server 6.1 and 7.1
  • Compatible Datacard card printers
    • Datacard® SP35, SP55 and SP60 card printers (not supported by Windows NT® operating system)
    • Datacard® Select™ Platinum™ Series card printer
    • Datacard® Magna™ Class card printer with Advanced Imaging Technology™
    • Datacard® ImageCard™ IV card printer
    • Networked Datacard® ImageCard™ IV card printer
    • Datacard® HiFX™ card printer
    • Datacard® 275/280P/295 card personalization system (not supported by Windows® XP or Me)
    • Datacard® 150i desktop card personalization system (not supported by Windows® XP or Me)
  • Image capture options

    • File input
    • TWAIN capture devices
    • Video for Windows capture devices
    • Datacard® Tru™ Photo Solutions
    • Datacard™ CS-100 Digital Camera
    • Datacard® Integrated Signature Pad Package
  • Shapes for cards
  • Set up card photo field backdrop color removal
  • Set text attributes across multiple fields
  • ID Works application toolbar to simplify moving among applications
  • Update all selected records
  • Delete all selected records for single-table projects
  • Multiple undo/redo levels
  • Card reprint privilege
  • Datacard® Smart Driver™ printer driver
  • Retain aspect ratio on corner drag field resize
  • Flexible card and report design
  • Report block header and footer enhancements
  • Customized reports for text and/or images
  • Set up user-defined card size: CR50, CR80, or custom
  • Advanced and named searches
  • Set up variable and static text fields
  • Word wrap option for static text
  • Text field masking
  • Move ID Works Designer application field forward or back one position
  • Move among fields in ID Works Designer application with tab key
  • Default data value for production form text fields
  • Set up static and variable graphic fields with transparent color option
  • Set up auto sequence field
  • Modify auto sequence field value on update
  • Allow editing of auto sequence field length
  • Auto new record mode
  • User-selectable photo file storage format
  • Set up auto-insert user name and system date
  • Set up time option for the date field
  • Customizable production forms
  • Auto-create production form
  • Production form size properties
  • Set up original graphics size DPI
  • Save JPEG at fixed file size
  • JPEG 2000 option for photo field storage
  • Set up searchable option for production form fields
  • Set up font sizing and colors
  • Set up custom on-screen graphics and logos
  • Set up user-definable tab order
  • Create border for card and report photo fields
  • Improved quality of ID Works Designer software ghosted field display
  • Set up ghost option for photo field
  • Set up ghost option for card graphics fields
  • Field-level k-panel printing option for card photo and graphics fields
  • Set up rotation for production form static text and static graphic fields
  • Multiple field selection and alignment
  • Multiple bar code support (21 types)
  • In-production capture device/card printer change
  • In production image import and export (.bmp, .eps, .jpg, .pct, .png, .psd, .tga, .tif, .wmf)
  • Search capability for numeric and date fields
  • Auto-create Microsoft Access 2000 database
  • Text file to Microsoft Access import (in Administrator)
  • Microsoft Access to text file export (in Administrator)
  • Improved database field connection usability
  • Set up image storage as BLOBs or files
  • Create multiple images per record
  • Documentation, installation, training, and Technical Phone Support
  • Software license key
  • Updated sample photos and projects
  • Online Help and reference library
  • Administrator and user security
  • Full user audit trail
  • Allow/prevent write access to specified fields
  • Set up data-driven production
  • Supports databases with multiple tables
  • ID Works SDK software support
  • Smart Card Application Manager plug-in
  • Simultaneous batch print of multiple card formats
Minimum requirements for Microsoft® Windows® 98, Microsoft® Windows NT® with Service Pack 6a, Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional, Microsoft® Windows® Me or Microsoft® Windows® XP operating systems*:

  • 233 MHz Intel® Pentium® processor; 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 recommended
  • For Windows 98 or Windows Me operating system: 64 MB RAM; 128 MB recommended
  • For Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system: 128 MB RAM; 256 MB recommended
  • For Windows NT, Internet Explorer 4.01 for ID Works applications; Internet Explorer 6.0 or above recommended
  • 72 MB hard disk space
  • 16-bit color
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution; 1024 x 768 screen resolution recommended
  • CD-ROM drive

Product Categories:

Access Control Cards
 Proximity Cards

Accountability & ID Systems Tracking
 Event Manager

Badging Accessories
 ID Badging Accessories - clips, holders etc
 Plastic Card Shredder
 Printed Customized Lanyards

Bar-Code Readers
 BC540ER Portable Bar-code Reader

Enrollment Software

ID Design & Production Software
 ID Centre
 ID Works Family Comparison
 ID Works Software Basic Edition
 ID Works Software Enterprise Edition
 ID Works Software Standard Edition

ID Printers
 Datacard CD800 Printer
 Datacard CP40 Plus Printer
 Datacard CP60 Plus Printer
 Datacard CP80 Plus Printer
 Datacard SP35 Printer

Photo ID Cameras
 ISG Elite Photo ID Camera
 ISG Zoom Photo ID Camera
 TruPhoto Solution Datacard Camera Plugin



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