ME2000DM - 2D Barcode Embosser

The ME2000 DM 2D Embosser is the Perfect Solution for 2D Embossing

The new ME2000 DM is an advanced embossed metal bar coding solution for robust industrial marking applications with automatic data retrieval in component manufacturing and harsh tagging environments.

The ME2000 DM is the ideal replacement solution for the less durable PVC or costly laser tags. This machine features the new Data Matrix technology which offers a more efficient bar coding format for long lasting metal plates. Convert alpha numeric data into an embossed 2D matrix for ease of data retrieval and management. The 2D barcode information on these tags will still be readable after sandblasting, pickling and painting or even if the tag is 60% obscured2D Barcode Metal Embossed Plate!

CIM's ME2000 DM can emboss up to 120 tags per hour and can produce Data MatrixTM barcodes that can hold up to 88 characters.

SOLUTION FOR: Automotive, Aerospace, Steel Mills, Shipyards, Equipment Manufacturers, Equipment Rental, etc.

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Barcode label printers and software
 Health Care Downtime Solution
 Niceware/Nicelabel Software

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 ME2000DM - 2D Barcode Embosser
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