Proximity Cards

Davies Enterprises is an authorized supplier of HID Proximity,XCeed ID proximity and smart cards, AWID proximity cards, badgeholders, sticki-back cards.  Whether you need HID iClass, ISOProx, 26 bit Clamshell, XCeed ID proximity cards, AWID proximity cards or AWID26 cards, call us.  We may be able to supply cards programmed with your facility code and numbering sequence within 24 hours.  Our customers include Government, Hospitals, Universities and Business.

Product Categories:

Access Control Cards
 Proximity Cards

Accountability & ID Systems Tracking
 Event Manager

Badging Accessories
 ID Badging Accessories - clips, holders etc
 Plastic Card Shredder
 Printed Customized Lanyards

Bar-Code Readers
 BC540ER Portable Bar-code Reader

Enrollment Software

ID Design & Production Software
 ID Centre
 ID Works Family Comparison
 ID Works Software Basic Edition
 ID Works Software Enterprise Edition
 ID Works Software Standard Edition

ID Printers
 Datacard CD800 Printer
 Datacard CP40 Plus Printer
 Datacard CP60 Plus Printer
 Datacard CP80 Plus Printer
 Datacard SP35 Printer

Photo ID Cameras
 ISG Elite Photo ID Camera
 ISG Zoom Photo ID Camera
 TruPhoto Solution Datacard Camera Plugin



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