TruPhoto Solution Datacard Camera Plugin

Datacard's® Camera Plugin is designed to work with Datacard® IDCentre ID software.  It Replaces Datacard® Tru™Photo Software, and provides significant benefits over other camera solutions. Using a Canon DSLR camera, the Camera Plugin automates and accelerates the capture of an image, providing one-click capture that adds speed, simplicity and automation to the image capture process.

Datacard Camera Plugin and Tru photo software provide seamless, intelligent, configurable photo capture for ID Works® identification software or WebID® identity information software setting these solution offerings apart from cameras that are reliant on TWAIN or Microsoft® Video for Windows drivers. Tru photo software is straightforward, giving the end user a surprisingly simple experience in capturing, cropping and importing a photo to the ID software, all in less than seven seconds. Datacard's photo solution's one-click capture makes the process practically foolproof.





  • Tru Photo software - eliminates the need to touch the camera
  • Auto-Capture - no need to physically pan or tilt the camera
  • Auto-Crop - no need to manually position crop box around image
  • One-click capture - capture, crop and import in less than seven seconds
  • Live video
  • Easily configured

  • Product Categories:

    Access Control Cards
     Proximity Cards

    Accountability & ID Systems Tracking
     Event Manager

    Badging Accessories
     ID Badging Accessories - clips, holders etc
     Plastic Card Shredder
     Printed Customized Lanyards

    Bar-Code Readers
     BC540ER Portable Bar-code Reader

    Enrollment Software

    ID Design & Production Software
     ID Centre
     ID Works Family Comparison
     ID Works Software Basic Edition
     ID Works Software Enterprise Edition
     ID Works Software Standard Edition

    ID Printers
     Datacard CD800 Printer
     Datacard CP40 Plus Printer
     Datacard CP60 Plus Printer
     Datacard CP80 Plus Printer
     Datacard SP35 Printer

    Photo ID Cameras
     ISG Elite Photo ID Camera
     ISG Zoom Photo ID Camera
     TruPhoto Solution Datacard Camera Plugin



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