DaviesUrKardforWeb96Our urKard™ mobile app allows you to use your cell phone or tablet to create a custom Photo ID card or Membership Card.
Using your own custom designed template, enter the data required, take a photo and print either at your office or have us print for you. Contact us for more info and let us talk about designing your card today!


With our Smartphone/Tablet app, you can create ID cards and personally fill out templates designed for your specific needs.  We can even design the card for you!!

If you want to print in your office, you can do that if you have your own printer, if not, we offer a variety of card printers to meet your needs and budget.

Fill out the relevant information, urKARD™ will print a PVC CR80 card (credit card size)
and email you a digital card when you complete the purchase.
  • Allow remote employees to capture photos and fill in data for their employee ID badges.
  • Capture information for Membership Cards – Photo can verify they are the true member!
  • Want to capture a photo and relevant information about your child, even a short video – in the event, they are ever lost you will have those important details at your fingertips.
  • Capture data for Visitor ID Cards prior to the Visit – have their badges ready when they arrive.
  • Get started by emailing your logo to us and tell us what information you want on your badge 
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