Clincher Inmate ID Wristbands

clincher on wrist 1We have installed a number of Clincher Inmate Photo-id Systems, most often in the arrivals area and also in the intermittent offenders' area.

Clincher® wristbands are laminated with inmate photo and information sealed inside.  As video imaging is quickly becoming a standard in law enforcement facilities throughout North America, Clincher® offers two Photo ID wristband styles that are fully compatible with video imaging systems.

Unlike ID badges or cards, Clincher® wristbands remain on the inmates at all times (during transportation, exercise, showers, sleep, visiting, etc.), ensuring maximum security.  All wristbands are latex-free.

More facilities are using bar code technology to help ensure positive inmate identification. Bar coding can help reduce identification errors, leading to problems such as erroneous releases and incorrect administration of medications.  More information