Re-transfer Card Printers

ISG Logo GLOBE MEMBER webRe-transfer printers offer exceptional quality, comparable to litho, and the ability to print "over the edge" or use a bleed in card art work. If you need the best quality cards possible, choose a re-transfer printer from Davies.
Re-transfer printers differ from "direct to card" printers. The print head on a direct to card printer applies the ribbon colours, via dye sublimation, directly to the card to print the image. Re-transfer printers print on to the laminate material, which is then applied to the card with a heated roller. The print head on a re-transfer machine never touches the card surface directly or indirectly through the ribbon.

Re-transfer and reverse transfer mean the same.  Re-transfer derives from Reverse Transfer.  Major card manufacturers recommend using a reverse transfer printer - check Schlage-Allegion's Card Printing and Handling Guide.


ISG Peak RTX 6600 Front ViewThe Peak RTX6600 Printer is the latest model in the proven Peak series of re-transfer printers.

Reverse transfer printers provide print quality far superior to regular DTC (direct to card) printers, and can print a true full bleed card with litho like print quality.  The RTX6600 is fast; its speed and 600 dpi print quality make it unbeatable.  Duplex printing is standard.  Options include smart card encoding, mag-stripe and laminating module.


ISG PEAK RTX6000What sets the RTX6000 apart is the ultra high 600 dpi resolution. 600 dpi resolution allows printing crisp, tiny characters, down to a character size of .75 pt., seen best with a magnifying glass.
Electronic fine-line printing, security microprint, UV microprint and Guilloche patterns in your card design make for a more secure card, difficult to duplicate with ordinary card printers. Demanding the highest possible graphics quality for your card design, makes the RTX6000 the only choice.
ISG RTX6000 data sheet
Ultra Violet Print Information

Datacard SR300

SR300 LM300 laminator 582X791 lrSR300 with LM300 laminatorDatacard's re-transfer printer line includes the SR200 (Simplex), SR300(Duplex, 300dpi) and SR300e (Duplex 600dpi). The 300e with its 600dpi resolution produces litho-like print quality.
  • Print Resolution SR300: 300 dots per inch (11.8 dots/mm)
  • Print Resolution SR300e: 600 dots per inch (23.6 dots/mm)
  • Full-bleed, over-the-edge
  • Prints four-colour, one-sided card in 36 seconds
  • Prints four-colour, two-sided card in 66 seconds
Datacard SR300 with LM300 Laminator data sheet


PEAK RTX1000The Peak RTX1000 Printer is the basic model of the proven Peak series of re-transfer printers.  Options include duplex, mag-stripe and laminating module.

For added security and protection against unauthorized duplication, the Peak RTX1000 supports high resolution gradient ultra violet printing. Now you can print text, photos or graphics which will only show under a UV light.

ISG Peak RTX1000 data sheet

Ultra Violet Print Information

Datacard CR805 Reverse Transfer Printer

CR805 Side View 300x313Datacard's new CR805 retransfer printer gives you high quality, high resolution printing with brilliant colour.  The new CR805 retransfer card printer uses pigment ink, which is not susceptible to UV fading, resulting in images that last, lowering the cost of your card program.

Pigment ink combined with 600 dpi printing enables the printing of microtext, and other machine readable elements such as OCR codes and 1D and 2D barcodes.

Faster than other retransfer printers:
Single-sided (CMYKP) - up to 100 cards per hour (cph)
Double-sided (CMYKP-KP) - up to 66 cards per hour (cph)
CR805 datasheet

Matica XL8300 Oversize Printer

XL8300 product headerThe only way you can tell by looking at the XL8300 that it is not a regular re-transfer printer is to look at the oversize input and output hoppers.  For conventions, trade shows or just for greater visibility from a distance, if you need an ID card or badge a lot bigger than the regular CR8030, then look at the XL8300.

  • 300 x 300 dpi, color printing
  • Oversized card format, 4.88’’ x 3.37’’ (124 x 85.6mm):  see sample oversize card
  • Security: UV printing
  • Superior print quality and reliability
  • Up to 120 cards per hour
"I think this Datacard printer is the best investment we ever purchased."
Tracey Jenkins-Carpenters Millwrights College